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Changing Education Paradigm

Changing Education Paradigm

Education systems are no longer up to date. In this brilliant speech, Sir Ken Robinson explains why. A must see for all those who wish to understand why their kids do not perform at school...

Changing education paradigm becomes crucial. In this video, Sir Ken Robinson shares his view on why the system is no longer adapted.

People concerned with Education issues already know that to generate engagement and motivation, you have to dwell on intrinsic motivation factors:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

And school proposes none of these to our kids. We emphasize their areas of failure, and not their positive streaks. We give negative and never positive feedback. We do not give them any purppose other than to get good grades not to become a looser. We control over and over again depriving kids of any sense of personnal accomplishment, everything has to be done by the book... no more creativity is allowed, and we kill it along our kids education.

Rather than engaging our kids to pursue their own objectives, telling them that they should develop more their strenghts, we keep on putting their heads under the water: 'you have to work more your maths....' i/o 'you're doing great in English, keep-up the good work, I am sure you can even do better...'. Strenght based management is no longer novelty, and it is surprising to see how little of our management best practices reaches the world of kids' education... As if, like it is implied in the video,our education systems where protecting themeselves as Gardians of the Temple of Knowledge, and would not reconsider their role and place in our society..

I recommend the reading of 'Drive' by Dan Pink for all those who wish to understand more about motivation, and wangt to be able to halp correct  the many mistakes of our educational systems. Only by applying those development principles to our kids will we help them become more independant, able to work on their own, for goals they would have set for themselves. In essence, helping them becoming who they are ment to be, not what the systems produces.

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