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Developing a Culture of Learning

Developing a Culture of Learning

Learning & Culture

[...] To be successful, a training & development program must be surrounded by an overall culture of learning.[...]

The overall efficiency of any Training & Development program lies in the quality of several different items, which add-up to create value for the participants:

- The Training Materials, that has to be spot on and include related business cases, in line with Strategic Development Objectives.

- The Trainer, who has to be on top of his game in terms of his particular competence, in the use of specific and ad-hoc pedagogical tools, and also on how well he performs at managing Group Dynamics.

- The Management Environment, that allows for a greater pairing of development needs and solutions provided.

- Personalised feedback (to the extent it can be given), or at least, personal development objectives to be carried out between sessions.


The conjunction of these factors allows for a greater value creation, both for participants and for the company. So, when do we start looking at your Skills Training & Development processes?

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