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Dynamiting my Communication

Dynamiting my Communication

Social Dynamite your communication

It has been a while now since I started producing contents for the web. Thanks to you, I am now entering a more mature phase of this personal venture.

I am being helped in this endeavour by a friend, Julien Carlier, CEO of Social Dynamite, a company which helps its clients leverage on the power of Social media. And so I have now my own personal space, with all the necessary back-office in order to maximize the time I spend writing, and hopefully gain exposition, visibility, credibility and in the end, clients.

To be quite honnest, I have been reluctant and resistant to the use of social media, for a while I merely had a LinkedIn account for the sake of it, and I only used Facebook in order to keep in touch with friends, never to gain business. In the end, after working closer to people using these technologies, I feel like I should at least give it a (serious) try. 

Entering now the age of Project Studio 2.0... Stay tuned for more.


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