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Go with the Flow!

Go with the Flow!

What is the state of flow, and how does it allow for greater performance?

[...]Human resource professionals play a significant role in creating an empowered and engaged workforce that will drive business and successfully fulfill customer needs.[...]

Engagement, motivation... as managers these are some of the key words that we strive to uphold and develop in our organisations.

But often, the methods and tools we use are not up to the task, and we believe that a couple of well placed meetings, and a few incentives can 'do the trick', when instead we need to have a more holistic approach to intrinsic motivation, and to the factors that foster it.

 It is not only about employee engagement, it is more about flow, as defined by Mihaly Csiksezentmihalyi. Flow is more than just managing engagement levels.

Instead, it is about managing the environment to create conditions that will sustain engagement, motivation, or drive during a long period of time. It is about creating conditions for creativity to spawn, innovation to bloom, and agility to become a shared reality, more than just a word in our vocabulary.


So go with the Flow, and you will succeed in creating that particular mix of conditions that allows for a greater performance over time, where employee engagement meets business needs to create that specific alchemy which places a company in the 'nice place to work', as well as the 'nice company to buy from'! 


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