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If in doubt... Innovate!

If in doubt... Innovate!

Innovation is the way out!

[...]IN 2010 A GROUP of students at Aalto University, just outside Helsinki, embarked on the most constructive piece of student activism in the history of the genre. They had been converted to the power of entrepreneurialism during a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When they got home they organised a “summer of start-ups” to spread the word that Finland’s future lay with new companies, not old giants. The summer of start-ups turned into a season of innovation.[...]


Innovation as a driver.... but only if surrounded by the appropriate environment. Innovation spurs naturally, the real issue lies in our capacity to support it when we detect it.

So first, innovation detection processes.

Then innovation development support, funding, business modeling and so forth. Obviously here, some innovations do not have the financial attractivness searched by private investors, and so Governement Agencies must take a step in, and finance long term non profitable projects.

Have you noticed how the Eu invested 1 billion Euros in the Human Brain Modeling Project? Least we can say is that ROI is far from reach in projects like this, but the knowledge that would derive from such research could well be worth the price....


Innovation and creativity are powerful drivers of change, but they need to be nurtured, oriented, focused at some stage to develop their full potential. Innovation is like a kid: we need to support it, direct it, and yet, let it grow free!


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