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Knowledge Driven

Knowledge Driven

What is a 'Knowledge Driven Organisation'? From knowledge based to knowledge driven

[...]Human Resources has a fundamental role in the movement of knowledge management (knowledge management) in the organization nowadays. HR processes including corporate education, performance management, and nurturing a corporate culture of knowledge management- have a key role in the overall development of knowledge-based organizations, enterprises and many other types of companies[...]


Knowledge management is a big issue these days. And despite appearances, it is not limited to Training and Development, but encompasses radical changes in the Organisation that turn it into a 'knowledge driven organisation'.

But what does that mean exactly? 

It means that rather than considering an organisation as a sum of processes in order to produce a service or good, we should rather consider an organisation as sum of knowledges and competences organised in order to serve a greater purpose.

Driven and not based, because competences and their acquisition or development should be considered as the engine rather than the output. It is the search for knowledge, and how to apply it in the most efficient way in a given organisational context that becomes the driver of change, adaptability, renewal, innovation... in other words, knowledge drive is the basis for agility.

Therefore, knowledge management becomes a framework to leverage 'collective intelligence', as it becomes clear that what we know is the main source of our renewed competitive advantage.

Focusing on the inside resources and capabilities of people rather than looking oustide for pre-designed solutions that will never adapt fully to our reality becomes essential. knowing what we know becomes of the essence, before any other action. Only then, being aware of our strenghts and weaknesses, can we deliver a sound development and management process.


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