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Socionomics: more than the latest fashionable trend..

Socionomics: more than the latest fashionable trend..

Do you know what Socionomics is about?

It is still time for you to jump onboard the train that is leaving the station now, but it is already on the move.... Socionomics is becoming more and more of a reference matter for experts about the life in the internet social sphere. What qualifies a content as spreadable, why do some contents 'buzz' while some others flop? When to send his message, on which channel, for what purpose? What qualifies a internet user against a non-user? in other words: how do we address the vast segmented web population when our traditional recipes have only allowed for mass, unspecific marketing?  

The high degree of personalisation that internet marketing allows for,  and the need to be visible on this new cyberspace, makes it more and more relevant to address this area of expertise with some serious insight. For more information on how to apprehend this newly born business playground, please read 'Socialnomics' by E. Qualmann.

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