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Unrelenting Innovation

Unrelenting Innovation

Innovative Postures

[...] In the last few years, major firms such as Sony, Research in Motion (RIM), Kodak, General Motors (GM), and Hewlett Packard (HP) have stumbled or gone bankrupt. At the same time, other firms such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, and IBM have held or strengthened their positions in the face of fierce competition. Why do some great firms fail while others succeed? [...]

Four attitudes to foster and nurture innovation in your companies:

  • Empowering innovation champions.
  • Offer asymetric incentives.
  • Use a mix of dramatic, systemic and organic change approach
  • Adopt a bottom-up approach to encourage innovaton to spur from daily practices.

Do you have an Innovation Management System in your company? Because obviously to tackle tomorrow's challenges, you will need one as the solutions to the issues they will create are not yet invented in many cases...

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